AI Skins for Good – MRS Symposium X Speaker Benjamin C.K. Tee

Benjamin C.K. Tee of the National University of Singapore discusses his group’s materials design and strain optimization techniques to develop electronic materials with stretchability, sensitivity and self-healing properties. Such materials and technologies can be tremendously useful in distributed conformable electronic skins, neuro-prosthetic devices and robots in the increasingly digitally augmented future for the benefit of humankind. Tee's talk is scheduled for May 24, 8:00 am (EDT).



MRS Innovation in Materials Characterization Award winner Annamaria Petrozza

Annamaria Petrozza of the Italian Institute of Technology discussed her talk presentation, “Defects Activity in Metal Halide Perovskites”. Petrozza was awarded the 2022 MRS Innovation in Materials Characterization Award For the development and innovative use of time-resolved carrier dynamics measurements, from sub-picoseconds to milliseconds, to fundamentally advance our understanding of the photo-physics of metal-halide perovskites, leading to materials and devices of improved stability.

MRS TV talks to Dr. Petrozza about the work that led to this award.