The Future of Materials is Self-Driving with Alán Aspuru-Guzik


Alán Aspuru-Guzik's lab was a pioneer in early research in quantum computing. Today, his work reaches further to include both chemistry and machine learning. Sitting down with MRS TV, Dr. Aspuru-Guzik shares highlights from his 2023 Plenary Session, along with his hopes and expectations for the future in science and tech.

Collaboration Across Continents: MRS & African MRS


Materials innovation is driven by the cross-pollination of ideas from scientists with different backgrounds, skills, and perspectives. MRS TV talks with African MRS President Balla Diop Ngom and 2024 MRS Spring Meeting Chair Mmantsae Diale about this collaborative session between African and non-African institutions, and how attendees can build their own mutually beneficial research collaborations.

Publications & Programs: Past, Present and Future | Gopal Rao & Steve Moss


Over the past 50 years, MRS has expanded to include not only meetings, but a broad range of programs and outreach, career support and advancement, and advocacy initiatives. One of the most deeply rooted aspects in MRS’s history is publications, with the first MRS Newsletter, which later became the MRS Bulletin, published in 1975. In this MRS TV interview, Gopal Rao, Chief Editor for Technical Content and Editor of MRS Bulletin, and Steve Moss, long-time dedicated MRS member and volunteer, discuss the important role that publications such as the MRS Bulletin has played in MRS’s history.