Paula T. Hammond featured in #seeHER US public service announcement

In celebration of Women's History Month in the US (March), the #seeHER movement features materials researcher Paula T. Hammond of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for her work on nanomaterials in drug-delivery systems. For more details on this work, see the MRS-TV interview with Prof. Hammond about her Fred Kavli Distinguished Lecture given at the Plenary session during the 2018 MRS Fall Meeting.



Science in Video (SciVid) - People's Choice Award

What are SAMS?

Self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) are capable of changing the surface properties of a material and therefore relevant for many fields in science. The video shows a simple way to prepare them and also defines them and describes some of their applications.

The 2018 SciVid Competition is sponsored by the Materials Research Society Foundation, Goodfellow, and A. J. Drexel Nanomaterials Institute.

MRS Presents the Inaugural Nelson "Buck" Robinson Science and Technology Award for Renewable Energy

The winner of the inaugural Nelson “Buck” Robinson Science and Technology Award for Renewable Energy, Aaswath P. Raman of the University of Pennsylvania, discusses his award-winning work and is joined by Sophie Robinson, daughter of Nelson “Buck” Robinson and endower of the award.



Interview with 2018 MRS Materials Theory Award Winner Giulia Galli

Giulia Galli, The University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory, discusses her Materials Theory Award talk, “The Long and Winding Road: Predicting Material Properties Through Theory and Computation."

Dr. Galli will present her award talk Thursday evening at 6:15 in the Sheraton Grand Ballroom.



2018 MRS Medal

MRS tv spoke with John A. Rogers of Northwestern University about receiving the prestigious MRS Medal. Professor Rogers’ award citation reads "for pioneering contributions to materials for diverse classes of bio-integrated electronic systems". We asked Professor Rogers about his award talk, titled “Materials for Bio-Integrated Microsystems Technologies.” We asked about the talk’s focal points and the potential products that will come about as a result of his work.