Picture Time!

It's so amazing that there are lots of research groups/individual researchers/companies from different countries all over the world who came together to attend the amazing MRS 2024 Spring Conference! Here are some group photos and individual photos from my selection! Let me know if you/your group need any photos! I will be wandering around the conference center, if you see me, don't hesitate to say Hi!

Pictures were selected from the Graduate Awarded Talk session, the NM03.01 session, and the research groups.


Essentials of Getting Your Work Published

Panelists: Rigoberto C. Advincula, David F. Bahr, Markus J. Buehler, Y. Shirley Meng, Ramamoorthy Ramesh, and Kristina M. Kareh

Written by Swati Suman

This interactive session provided many insights for budding researchers to get their work published. The panelists gave the following advice for various components of a research article. Any paper's abstract must be precise and should not include all the results as there are word limits. They talked about what should be included in the introduction and they explained how to reply to the reviewer's queries. This interaction also explained why some works got rejected and how to deal with it.

They even provided some tips such as the importance of using proper words when representing the idea and work and how clear language affects the acceptance rate. The use of a few words like “breakthrough” and “not yet done” needs attention. The novelty of the research work should be presented in a table with proper scientific evidence and results.

This was an excellent interactive session that helped many researchers to get their questions answered about how to get published.

Meet Your Bloggers: Introducing Jiachen (JC) Feng at the 2024 MRS Spring Meeting



Greetings, fellow conference-goers!

I'm Jiachen Feng, or just JC for short, your friendly neighborhood paparazzi (MRS Meeting Scene blogger) for the 2024 MRS Spring Meeting extravaganza here in rainy, but ever-charming Seattle!

When I'm not masquerading as a superhero behind the camera, I'm a mild-mannered Ph.D. student (Dr. Martin Conda-Sheridan's group) at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, moonlighting as an intern at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Dr. Alex Noy's group. My research portfolio reads like a grab-bag of scientific curiosities, ranging from concocting antimicrobial potions (well, more like drugs and materials, including small molecules and peptides) to wrangling rare earth elements out of stubborn mixtures.

Prepare to spot me in my natural habitat, armed with a camera and a grin, ready to snap the most candid and captivating moments of the conference. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting me yet, fear not! I'll be the one with the lens cap on, desperately searching for the perfect lighting while attempting to look inconspicuous.

Oh, and did I mention that my photography services come with a side of spontaneous comedy and real-time editing magic? That's right – all pictures are on the house, and I promise to Photoshop out any rogue coffee stains or awkward facial expressions quicker than you can say "cheese"!

I can't wait to mingle with you all tomorrow – let's make memories worth capturing!

Warmest regards,


Meet Your Bloggers: Introducing Matthew Nakamura at the 2024 MRS Spring Meeting

Hello, material science enthusiasts! I'm Matthew Nakamura, your blogger for this year's MRS Spring Meeting. As we prepare for a week filled with the latest innovations and research in material science, I'm excited to bring you all the highlights, insights, and upcoming events you will want to attend. A little about myself: I'm a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a member of the Nanosystems Lab under the supervision of Dr. Joseph Brown. My research primarily focuses on optimizing metamaterial systems to enhance their functionality in various applications. Stay tuned for updates from the meeting, including presentations, research, and interviews with members of our great community. Whether you're attending in person or following from afar, I look forward to making your experience at the MRS Spring Meeting informative and engaging!