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The 2018 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit came to a successful conclusion on Friday, November 30, with over 6,500 attendees and 234 exhibitors. Our congratulations go to Meeting Chairs Kristen H. Brosnan, David A. LaVan, Patrycja Paruch, Joan M. Redwing, and Takao Someya for putting together an excellent technical program along with various special events. MRS would also like to thank all the Symposium Organizers, Session Chairs, and Symposium Assistants for their part in the success of this meeting. A thank you goes to the Exhibitors, Symposium Support, and to the sponsors of the special events and activities.

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Boston - An Impressive City

MRS Fall meetings are indeed in a great city, and I think that's what makes MRS fall meetings a little bit different than other materials-related conferences throughout the year. Boston is a city full of energy and places to discover. Yes, the weather is a little bit chilly at this time of the year in Boston, and this might make it difficult for most of the attendees to go around the city and explore it when they are done with the conference. However, despite the cold weather, there are still lots of nice places, restaurants, and activities that one can go or do in Boston. Notably, the streets around the conference venue are great. The Prudential Center, shops and restaurants in Newbury street, and all other nice places that are located close to the Hynes Convention Center provide an excellent experience for all MRS attendees and visitors. Don't forget to explore Boston next time you are in MRS - or if you are spending a couple of more days here before you head back. It's an impressive city.

Last day at the Fall '18 Conference

It's a bit bittersweet — the Fall Meeting is almost over. The sessions are still ongoing. I especially enjoyed the BM04 and BM09 sessions.

The venue was excellent and and the poster sessions were definitely very informative for me. Thanks to the caterers for the excellent food and coffee!

See y'all next Spring in Phoenix! In the meantime, if you would like to get the updates from MRS, please follow @Materials_MRS on twitter.

Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Carbides and Nitrides

The last invited talk of symposium EP03 of 2018 MRS Fall meeting was about 2D transition metal carbides and nitrides and their applications. Dr. Anasori from Drexel University talked about the structure and composition of these novel family of materials and concluded his talk with some of their applications in wireless communication and gas-sensing devices. The family of 2D MXenes now invloves more than 30 experimentally made compositions where each of them has their own properties. MXenes are probably the least studied 2D materials, and there is a lot of room to explore these materials.

The Fall meeting of MRS had many different talks on MXenes, which shows the growing interest in the research community to work on these novel 2D materials. Among these talks, were two invited talks by Prof. Yury Gogotsi from Drexel University who talked about the electrochemical applications of MXenes and their promising performances in energy storage devices.

If you are interested in MXenes, a quick search in Google Scholar will give you a good perspective on how different groups around the world are applying these 2D materials in their researchs. 


The Last Day in 2018 MRS Fall Meeting - Still Lots of 2D Talks

Today is the last day in 2018 MRS Fall meeting, the meeting, as usual, was a very productive one for materials scientists. Many great talks on different topics, particularly, nanomaterials and 2D materials. As I tried to cover during the week, 2D materials are in many extents changing the way we can interact with devices and materials designs for a variety of applications. This meeting had dedicated symposiums to 2D materials that were covering many different fundamental concepts and applications of these materials. And this is continuing today, despite being the last day of this year's MRS meeting. Stop by Hynes room 210 and listen to the remaining interesting talks in symposium EP03.