Symposium DS04: Accelerating Data-Driven Materials Research for Energy Applications
Symposium QT03: Higher-Order Topological Structures in Real Space—From Charge to Spin

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While the 2023 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit came to conclusion with the end of The Virtual Experience on December 7th, Meeting content will be available online to registered participants through the end of January 2024.

Our congratulations go to the 2023 MRS Fall Meeting Chairs Derya Baran, Alexandra Boltasseva, Julien Pernot, Kristofer Reyes, and Jonathan Rivnay for putting together an excellent technical program along with various special events. MRS would also like to thank all the Symposium Organizers and Session Chairs for their part in the success of this Meeting. A thank you goes to the Exhibitors, Symposium Support, and to the sponsors of the Meeting and of the special events and activities.

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