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Symposium DS06: Integrating Machine Learning with Simulations for Accelerated Materials Modeling

Symposium QT03: Higher-Order Topological Structures in Real Space—From Charge to Spin

Yukako Fujishiro, RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science

Topological Phase Transitions in Chiral Magnets

Written by Matthew Nakamura

Yukako Fujishiro of RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science presented her work on topological chiral crystals, exploring their fascinating spin textures and multi-fold Weyl Fermions, promising unique electromagnetic responses. The discussion centered on exotic phase transitions observed in systems, highlighting transitions between skymion and emergent magnetic monopole. Additionally, attention was drawn to manganese germanide’s distinctive transport properties linked to the nontrivial unwinding process of emergent magnetic monopole under a magnetic field. Notably, Fujishiro presented recent research on high-pressure manipulation of multi-fold Weyl Fermions in B20-type magnets, resulting in a metal-to-insulator transition and magnetic quantum criticality with unconventional magneto-transport properties. The talk illuminated the intriguing realms of topological chiral crystals and their potential applications in diverse physical phenomena.


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