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Huolin Xin, University of California Irvine 

Advancing Solid Polymer Electrolytes: Enhancing Ionic Conductivity, Transference Number and Li0-SSB Cycle Life Through Conduction Mechanism Design and Integration of Zero-Strain Cathodes

Written by Matthew Nakamura

In his invited talk, Dr. Huolin Xin from the University of California, Irvine discussed advancements in solid polymer electrolytes (SPEs) for energy storage applications. He highlighted the challenges faced by SPEs, such as limited room-temperature ionic conductivity and non-selective ion transport, and proposed methodologies to overcome these issues. Xin emphasized the importance of finely tuning the composition of SPEs to achieve high conductivity at room temperature. Additionally, he introduced innovative strategies for single-ion conduction, significantly improving the transference number to unity. Furthermore, Xin explored the integration of zero-strain cathodes in Li0-SSB full cells, addressing strain-related issues and substantially enhancing cycle life. The presentation included experimental results demonstrating improved performance, such as a high capacity retention of 91% after 400 cycles. Xin’s research extended to sodium-ion systems, showcasing promising results with the addition of plasticizers like fluoroethylene carbonate, leading to conformal solid electrolyte interphase formation and improved sodium deposition morphology. The talk concluded with a glimpse into next-generation solid electrolytes, coupled with zero-strain cathodes, demonstrating over 2,000 cycles of cycle life and practical applicability in lithium metal solid batteries. Overall, Xin’s findings contribute to advancing the field of solid polymer electrolytes and their application in energy storage.


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