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Symposium EL12: Perspective on Applications of Metasurfaces—Advances in Metasurface Design, Fabrication, Integration and Material

Yueqiang Hu, Hunan University

Extreme Micro/Nanomanufacturing for Metasurface Applications

Written by Matthew Nakamura

In his talk, Yueqiang Hu, a professor at Hunan University, discusses advancements in micro/nanomanufacturing, utilized in the integrated-circuits industry and micro/nanosystems development with a focus on pushing manufacturing toward ultrasmall dimensions and ultrahigh precision for various applications. Hu introduces the processing capabilities available to Hunan University (HNU) like sketch and peel lithography, greyscale lithography, and conformal filling with ion beam polishing to achieve multiscale, multidimensional, and high-precision fabrication capabilities for functional micro/nanostructures. The presentation showcases applications in 2D and 3D metasurfaces as well as optical metadevices.

The second part of the talk delves into the realm of optical metasurfaces, emphasizing their advantages over traditional refractive optics. Metasurfaces, being ultrathin, multifunctional, and easily integrable through CMOS processes, are considered the next generation of optics. Hu explores the extreme fabrication requirements of dielectric metasurfaces, detailing the nanofabrication processes performed and highlights applications such as polarization modulation, vectorial color holography, multi-focal metalenses, 3D vectoral holography, and dispersion modulation. The presentation concludes by envisioning the future applications of these micro-nano fabrication processes in creating intelligent, compact, and multifunctional optical systems.


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