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Symposium EL10: Understanding the Inorganic-Organic Interface—The Case of Colloidal Nanoscale Materials

Inge Herrmann, ETH Zurich

Exploring Interplay of Engineered Materials with the Living by Label-Free Analytical Imaging

Written by Mruganka Parasnis

Nanoscale materials have been used in biomedicine due to specific drug delivery and antimicrobial activity. Inge Herrmann of ETH Zurich discussed how bioactive tissue glue with orchestrated bio response was created. Different phases of wound healing for blood vessels and remodeling were assessed, such as adhesive, antimicrobial, and angiogenic phases. The approach to do this is the versatile, reproducible scale combing inorganic materials such as cerium phosphate based nanozymes with documented properties with catalytic functions to convert them to inactive cerium phosphate. SEM and EDX show the adhesion of fibrin to tissue. The clotting time, rapid homogenesis, and cell survival rate was successful. Furthermore, it was administered in vivo to rats. The nano glue promoted healing, observed through an increase in the blood flow. Label-free detection of alterations in surrounding area of tissue was observed. Different architectures of nanoparticles showcased different bio responses. Proteomics was performed on the immune cell activator enrichment along with fluorescence microscopy to observe the localization of nanoparticles and chemical changes. After the analysis, the researchers concluded that the surgical sealants of polymers before leak happens can be used based on clinical symptoms in a chemically and mechanically demanding environment. A mutually interpenetrating network was fabricated which is a new adhesion technology for leak detection. The study can provide a mechanistic understanding of functional biomaterials and tissue response in in vitro and in vivo environments.


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