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Farnaz Niroui, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Van der Waals Integration beyond the Limits of Van der Waals Forces

Written by Corrisa Heyes

Farnaz Niroui of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology presents her work to expand the applications of van der Waals (vdW) integration as a physical stacking alternative to conventional heterostructure production by addressing the materials properties limitations of the method. She demonstrates an adhesive matrix transfer process where a hybrid transfer substrate is generated to leverage the higher adhesive capabilities of one material to support a layer transfer to a less adhesive desired material. This process further allows for single step 2D material-to-device fabrication with pristine interfaces, engineered functionalities, and alternate form factors (i.e., flexible substrates or arrays of devices) made without any solvents, polymers, or high temperature annealing processes. Additionally, Niroui points out that this process is not limited to 2D materials and shows how gold nanocubes can be assembled over a large area using this method.


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