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Who Cut the Cheese?

After a long day at the conference, topping it off with some difficult but necessary conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion the number one thing that I crave is a curated charcuterie board of assorted cheeses....Not really, but the blue cheese got me to stick around for a few more moments.

In the next moment the last of us cheese monsters were huddled around a table nerding out about layered materials. That is the magic of MRS, we all had a safe space to ask questions, practice explaining our ideas and at the same time an opportunity to build life long connections. Maybe it was just me but our table was glowing with energy. It was this moment that for all of us the conference momentum would change completely.

I met some of the most impressive scientists I have ever met. PhD students at Central Florida University Dylan Jeff and Alexis Agosto along with undergraduate student Luis Tomar left a deep impression on me. So much so, I felt compelled to show them Prof. Oscar Dubon and Prof. Junqiao Wu's labs. We ended up jetting to Berkeley checking out the lab and hanging out the rest of the night. I look forward to keeping in touch with this brilliant trio of scientists. Dylan Jeff presented on An Extensive Raman Study on Quantum Material Nb3Cl8: From Bulk to Thin Layers. 

Keep a look out for their future publications, they will not disappoint.

-Viva MSE



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