Symposium SF02: Materials in Space—Design and Testing
What color solar cell is your favorite?

Thermal runaway has this scientist running straight to the lab

With more electric vehicles on the road, we are now faced with new types of vehicle fires that burn hotter than standard vehicles and are more difficult to put out. Many fire departments across the state of California realize they are not prepared for this. It is a serious safety concern. Yet when you meet the vibrant and brilliant scientist, Annie Sun of Purdue University, you can't help but feel calm and excited, then bam all of  a sudden you can't stop talking about nonflammable solid-state lithium-ion batteries.

Her passion is infectious and you can't help but wonder what is everyone smiling about when you pass by her poster. Her command of the subject and understanding of the fundamental materials science at work allows her to take technical data and area specific jargon and transform it into a natural conversation. I couldn't help but think, wow this is how a poster presentation is done!

I had to move on unfortunately but I could have stayed all day talking to this brilliant magnetic scientist. Ultimately she expressed confidence in the future of nonflammable solid-state lithium-ion batteries and the works future is in refining the microstructure to improve charging capabilities of their coin cells.

Do yourself a favor and keep an eye on this one! She is going places, I look forward to her future publications.

-Viva MSE



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