Symposium X—MRS/The Kavli Foundation Frontiers of Materials
MOFs Targeting bacteria...whats next?

Poster Session Highlight in Microscopy

Tucked in this futuristic turquoise blue chair was an energy so strong it would be impossible not to notice. With a radiating brilliance and the coolest tiger print shoes I had seen, I could not help but introduce myself to this powerful confident scientist. It didn’t hurt that the laptop they used sported a very familiar Berkeley logo.

The scientist name is Sarah “Sally” Karstens and if you thought for a second microscopy would put you to sleep, a few moments discussing with her and you’d be writing a proposal to the Molecular Foundry at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab(LBNL) sitting with your fingers crossed that you get the chance to work at the National Center for Electron Microscopy(NCEM). Not only is she an inspirational and enthusiastic graduate student she is also the Regional Liaison for the Microscopy Society of America(MSA). Wow!

Come check her out at the poster session on April 12 5-7PM where she will be presenting exciting results on Imaging Gas Adsorption in MOFs via 4D-STEM Ahhhh! I am excited, I don’t know about you.

If you miss the chance to catch her poster, make sure to check out the paper with the same title.  If you wanted to learn more about the MSA, definitely reach out to this impressive scientist.


-Viva MSE!


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