Poster Session Highlight in Microscopy
2023 MRS Postdoctoral Award Recipient, Qi Quan

MOFs Targeting bacteria...whats next?

A friendly face yet a stranger to begin with, Jon Ostolaza sat almost suspiciously next to an open hole in the conference centers floor. After deeper inspection, alas! I had found a charger. Speaking to Jon, I could feel his infectious excitement surrounding his work and I had not even asked yet. Staring intently at his computer, I Interrupt him to ask about his interests.

Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are what excites this brilliant scientist. These structures are composed of metal clusters linked by organic molecules which allow for a variety of shapes with controlled porosity. A key characteristic that is taken advantage of for drug delivery.

Jon, with his fresh pair of Levi’s jeans, as stylish as they come, happily took me down a brief timeline of MOFs concluding on why his work has created a special excitement. Instead of targeting cancer cells his work focuses on targeting bacteria. Definitely check the work out that he has done on Aptamer-Functionalized Metal-Organic Frameworks as an Efficient Delivery Vehicle of Antimicrobial Peptides.

His talk will be on Thursday April 13 at 8:30AM, Moscone West, Level 2 Room 2016.

-Viva MSE


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