Symposium EQ03: Plasmonics, Nanophotonics and Metamaterials—From Design to Applications
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Symposium EN03: Beyond Li-Ion Batteries—Low Cost Alternatives Based on Other Chemistries

Feng Lin, Virginia Tech

Engineering the Metal Dissolution/Redeposition Dynamics to Control the Structural and Electrochemical Evolution of Battery Electrodes

Written by Aashutosh Mistry

The fact that our iPhone batteries do not last the same hours as they used to is scientifically referred to as battery degradation. Of various factors contributing to the degradation, an important one is changes in the nature of the electrode-electrolyte interface with repeated operation. Dissolution and/or deposition of transition metals from positive electrodes at electrode-electrolyte interfaces is one such poorly understood mechanism. We still do not sufficiently understand the factors governing this phenomenon. Feng Lin and his colleagues have been exploring this phenomenon in working lithium-ion cells using x-ray fluorescence microscopy. X-rays allow the research team to look inside the cells while they are functioning without having to open them up. The research team’s studies have so far revealed curious observations such as dilute electrolytes causing more transition metal dissolution than their concentrated counterparts. It will be interesting to see how these studies lead to a more detailed understanding of this phenomenon.



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