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Science as Art: What does it mean?

IMG_8802 300 mScience is an Art. And Art is defined by the Artist. So what do I interpret, and generally, what does it mean?

I viewed the beautiful images submitted to the 'Science as Art' competition held in the MRS Fall 2022 conference. Researchers tried to show how their research (in particular, an image of some characterisation or phenomenon) is related to things or events that are commonly known to the general audience. Some examples shown below are the heart shape in the first image (top) and the Christmas tree (bottom). These pictures, when related to something commonly known, draw a lot of attention. If I'm correct, the idea is how to make things attractive and connecting to something sends a message. 

In general, science is an art crafted by the Artist who wants a send a message (in the form of a solution) to a problem to its audience. However, in these pictures, they are more of a message (in the form of known stuff) to connect with the audience.

Cheers to Science!!!   

IMG_8803 300 m
IMG_8803 300 m



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