Guidance: It's importance
Symposium EQ02: Emerging Materials for Light-Based Quasiparticles, Mie-tronics and Metasurfaces

Networking: An opportunity?

N.png 300 mNetworking is a great opportunity to meet new people, learn more about them and even more. How is it an opportunity? And what can it offer?

Today, I had an opportunity to be at the publication's reception, where even the MRS journal editors were present, thanks to Judy and MRS Fall 2022. She introduced me to some of the important members, and it was very fascinating to shake hands with them. This helped me learn about them a bit more, their career path, their style of work and also about the organisation. This interaction also helped me exchange ideas, some of which could be essential in forging a career path. Not only that, you feel more confident being in the company of like-minded people. In conclusion, it's a two-way process of giving and taking, which could open doors for firmer relationships and maybe help achieve some career-related goals.


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