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Emission and absorption: A conference thing

Here, at the MRS  Fall 2022, there are so many symposium sessions occurring in parallel. You can't attend each and every session. So, how do you absorb to the maximum from what the conference emits (offers)?

Well, that's a hard question to answer, yet what I'm doing my best is to filter out and prioritise the sessions I want to attend. You will always find a connection to works which may be far off your grid yet somehow related. That's how the title and the abstract help filter out the distances from your grid (at least, that worked for me). So, here's what I did, I mixed some inspiring talks with my near-grid-related talks, and that's what keeps me going on while getting technical insights. And then prioritise on meeting my field pioneers, followed by talking to company professionals in the exhibition. This is a very perspective thing and can vary from person to person. However, the goal would be to maximise my absorption from what the MRS conference has to offer (emits).

Day 5 and counting. Yet so much more to learn.        


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