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Back in Boston! #F22MRS

MRS Blogger Rohit Pratyush Behera

Hi All,

I'm Rohit Pratyush Behera, a Materials researcher and a blogger for MRS Fall meeting 2022. My PhD research is stationed at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. My work is typically related to processing, fabrication and understanding the mechanical behaviour of ceramic structures inspired from nature for structural and transport applications. Aside research, I like to play a variety of sports, and like to read and write articles as well to be understandable to the general public.

This year I'll give a general overview summary of some talks I attend and encourage discussions of the same. I'm specifically interested to bring you closer to presenters working on bioinspired structures, their applications and potential direction ahead. During this session, we can also look forward to make use of the physically networking session and connect with each other while the opportunity prevails.

The attendants are encouraged to find topics that might interest them by looking at the catalogue or the app. To have a more open discussion, the attendees can use #F22MRS over on Twitter. I hope to connect with many presenters as much as possible and hope that everyone enjoys this year’s Hybrid MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit 2022.

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