Competition: A healthy way of distinction?
Networking: An opportunity?

Guidance: It's importance

Today, I met with one of the professors I admire for their work in mechanics, thanks to the physical meeting in MRS Fall 2022 for this opportunity. I've been following his work for quite a long time. We sat for a discussion regarding my work for around 2 hours or more. I was pretty transparent and detailed with him regarding my work. This provided me with a lot of insights and some more understanding. Here are a few key takeaways for every researcher which I think are important.

1.  External expert opinion is essential and might add more value to your work.

2. Some details you might miss, but experts can catch. (It helps, trust me).

3. There can be an easy way to a solution than you thought to be and it comes with experience

4.  Detailed and in-depth discussion helps clear a lot of doubts. (I was lucky because he had a lot of patience)

5. Multiple reasons for the hypothesis to be true (listen carefully)

6. Accept, adapt and learn  (it helps)

7. Communicate and ask. Share your thoughts. It boosts discussion and is insightful.

8. Last but not the least, be honest with your work and details. It helps be the better version of you. 


P.S: Don't miss such opportunities in the big conferences like the MRS.


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