2022 MRS Fall Meeting Chairs Laura Herz and Will Dichtel
Symposium DS02: Integrating Machine Learning with Simulations for Accelerated Materials Modeling

Blogging for MRS 2022 - Kathy Liu

Grad arcade_zoomedHi, I’m Kathy! I’m excited to be blogging for the MRS 2022 Fall Meeting in Boston! I’m a Ph.D. student in Prof. Joanna Aizenberg’s lab at Harvard University in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering. I’m currently researching self-healing and bio-interfacing materials. I love dancing (I had so much fun being on a few dance teams at Stanford during my undergrad!), live music, exploring/learning (museums, new hobbies, bookstores, etc.), and science communication/outreach (big surprise). 

It’s awesome to have MRS back in-person this year and I’ll be covering a variety of topics from the Fall meeting, from session content to reflections to interviews with attendees.

I’ll also be covering the meeting on my Twitter! You can follow along and I’d be so happy to connect: @liu_liu_lemon or use the hashtag #F22MRS to join in on the Twitter discussion from everyone.

I can’t wait to meet everyone and share this meeting on MRS Meeting Scene!


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