Symposium EN06—Solid-State Batteries—From Electro-Chemo Mechanics to Devices
Symposium SF12—Bioinspired Structural Composites—Advances in Experiments, Simulations and AI-Based Design

The Rise of 2D Halide Perovskites – Symposium X speaker Aditya Mohite of Rice University

Two-dimensional halide perovskites (2D-HaP) are a sub-class of 3D perovskites, which have emerged as a new class of solution-processed organic-inorganic (hybrid) low-dimensional semiconductors. 2022 MRS Spring Meeting Symposium X speaker Aditya Mohite discusses his work on 2D-HaPs ranging from the fundamental light-induced structural behaviors, and solvation dynamics to control homogeneity of layer thickness, novel photo-physical behaviors, charge transport and their role in a high-efficiency optoelectronic device, with technologically relevant durability. Mohite's presentation can be viewed online through June 30, 2022.




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