Panel Discussion: 40 Years of Semiconductor Research Corporation and 2030 Decadal Plan for Semiconductors Panel Discussion and Student Poster Showcase
2022 MRS Spring Meeting Chairs Prineha Narang and Manish Chhowalla

Symposium SB08—Soft Embodiments of Electronics and Devices for Healthcare Applications

Beatrice Fraboni, University of Bologna

Wireless Textile Moisture and pH Sensor for Wound Care

Written by Corrisa Heyes

True textile organic electronic sensors embedded in the fibers that make up a fabric using PEDOT:PSS to transform biofluid analysis into electronic signal for chemical/hormone detection in sweat has shown to be quite reliable. Working with organic electrochemical transistors (OECTs) allows for the development of a selective two-terminal sensor that brings lab-on-fabric capabilities to medical gauze and provides a medium for real time, wireless remote (RFID readout) monitoring of a wound with tunable impedance sensitivity that results in a truly passive device. This allows for real time measurements without need to redress a wound and will last the life of the bandage.


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