Symposium X—Frontiers of Materials Research
Symposium SF15—Thermal Processes and Management Under Unconventional Conditions

Symposium MF02—3D Printing of Passive and Active Medical Devices

Chung-Han Wu, University of Hawaiʽi

3D-Printed Epidermal Microfluidic Systems for the Collection and Analysis of Sweat

Written by Corrisa Heyes

Chung-Han Wu presents a low-cost, 3D-printed, flexible, stretchable, epidermal microfluidic device (3D-epifluidics) able to attach to human skin for sweat collection. 3D-epifluidic devices are an excellent platform for electrochemical and colorimetric analysis in support of non-invasive health monitoring. This work leverages a stereolithography (SLA)-based 3D printing processes to develop high resolution microfluidic channels that improve the controllability of capillary burst valve (CBV) geometry in a low-cost platform. This controllability allows for tunable fluid routing options which shows comparable capability to more expensive cleanroom fabricated options. Wu demonstrated fully-encapsulated, 3D-epifluidic devices for epidermal interfacing in stationary exertion tests and notes that modifications to adjust burst pressures could be easily incorporated to account for sensing in increased intensity workouts.


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