Symposium SF09—High Entropy Materials II—From Fundamentals to Potential Applications
Symposium EN06—Solid-State Batteries—From Electro-Chemo Mechanics to Devices

New Virtual Experiences

The 2022 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit - A Hybrid Event is a great reset. Admittedly, I attempted to consume as much information as possible in each talk I attended (I focused explicitly on the MF01: General Session series and the SF14: New Materials and Technologies series). But, of course, it is best to regulate. Generally speaking, I've been inspired by the common use of density functional theory (DFT) to complement datasets from different characterization techniques. As a result, I have gained many new insights and ideas for my research on oxyborate phosphors. 

MRS Views Small

I'm glad I came across EQ09.17: Perovskite and Low-Dimensional Light-Emitting Materials and Devices II specifically the talk by Prof. Sum from Nanyang Technological University. I'm looking forward to attending this presentation on highly efficient emitters in perovskite light-emitting devices (PeLEDs). Materials covered in this talk include Ruddlesden Popper perovskites and colloidal perovskite nanocrystals. Like many other attendees, conference presentations related to my research have really piqued my interest. I've added new concepts to my personal lexicon after attending several talks at this virtual conference. My first virtual conference has not disappointed. As a new attendee, I'm looking forward to attending more MRS virtual meetings.


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