SF.10.11: Adding Gold Nanorods to Cool Down Glass
Symposium SF09—High Entropy Materials II—From Fundamentals to Potential Applications

An Ode to Nanostructures

Nanostructures can have an aspect ratio

that impresses most people; 

but I like to think that their applications 

are what makes them all real. 


From doping agents to new sensors, 

they seem too amazing to be true. 

But don’t waste your focus on their pores 

because that means they are perfect too. 


Their forms are interesting and I’m not 

going to lie; 

sometimes it is all that captivates 

my curious mind. 


So let's go and research, let's go out and learn.

To see how these discoveries could one day

be used. Or perhaps randomly find that they

can help us uncover what we truly yearn.


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