BI01.02: Computer Aid Design to change the future of sustainability.
Symposium BI01: Incorporating Sustainability into Materials Science Education, Training and Public Outreach

BI01.02.05: Implementation of Green Engineering Course - Something to Consider

The modern developments in technology have changed and contaminated our world in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Now it is our duty to mitigate the amount of contamination that is present. In that endeavor, Dr. Kaka Ma has developed a course that aims to train future materials developers in the principles of green engineering. 

The course offered in Colorado State University emphasizes the knowledge of a material’s life cycle and how they can influence the environment from the manufacturing process to the disposal management. Another key feature is the use of online or virtual tools like the Granta EduPack to enhance the students' learning of sustainable designs and materials processes. After most of the green background and intuition is developed, the students are then asked to implement the bulk of their attained knowledge to develop project presentations where they can show if a design is an all-around green engineering product.

If today you feel like green is your color, you might want to learn about Dr. Kaka Ma’s 2021 MRS Spring Meeting and Exhibit presentation on an undergraduate green engineering course that promotes active learning by clicking here.


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