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BI01.02.05: Implementation of Green Engineering Course - Something to Consider

BI01.02: Computer Aid Design to change the future of sustainability.

The presentation given by Dr. Burcu Ozden on the adaptation of computer aid design in materials sustainability showed that in order to continue advancements in Materials Science we need to minimize the waste production caused by not considering enough parameters when developing technologies. 

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability is a platform that provides the user with information about the environmental effects of a product design choice. Properties such as the life-time cycle, financial impact, and air acidification are only some (of many) of the parameters that are readily available. This user-friendly interface serves as a potential initiative to improve the designs of the next generation of materials scientists and materials engineers by giving them the knowledge of the long-term effects of their choice of material for each project. This is extremely useful because when we know how a certain material will affect in the long-run, we can choose the materials that are best suited for the present and the future.

The researcher was aware that a typical curriculum of a materials development program is already loaded with classes that take up almost the entirety of the students' time. Therefore the proposed route is to implement the sustainability analysis of research when there are projects or designs assignments. By evaluating the sustainability of the students' assignments, the designers will be accustomed to keep in mind the long-term consequences of their creations.

If you want to learn more about how SOLIDWORKS Sustainability can have a solid impact on society, make sure to watch Dr. Ozden’s presentation at the 2021 MRS Spring Meeting and Exhibit by clicking here.


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