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F20MRS Meeting: Towards Solid-State Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Dr. Doeff is a Senior Scientist and member of the Electrochemical Technologies Group (ECT) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She is mainly working on sodium and lithium polymer batteries and more interestingly all-solid Li-ion batteries.

During this year's MRS meeting, Dr. Doeff has delivered a very informative talk about ceramic-based electrolytes and the challenges which exist for their design and application in vehicles. 

All-solid-state lithium batteries are advantageous against lithium-ion batteries as they could offer better energy density, safety, and reliability. The main problem with the current thin-film configurations is that their practical energy density is low and require expensive vacuum technologies to develop and scale.

Dr. Doeff and her coworkers at LBNL are developing a scalable freeze tape casting method to produce porous ceramic structures of LLZO (oxide-based solid electrolyte that is stable toward Li metal) to be used for all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries.

The microscopy work combined with synchrotron tomography that they have employed makes this talk very interesting and informative!

To watch this talk please use this link.



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