2019 MRS Postdoctoral Awards Winners Rachel E. Carter & Yasutaka Nagaoka
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White and Shiny Boston

Good Morning Snowy Boston ,
 I hope the snow is making you chilly and cold - Come to  Hynes center, Level 1 Room 102 to get heated arguments and discussion about light matter discussion.  

Today's day is dedicated to Low dimensional photonics, Metasurface and Nanophononics devices. If you are interested to know how light matter interaction in two-dimensional materials (like Graphene, WS2, MoS2 etc.) is going to change the world in upcoming years, join  this session. A very interesting opening of today’s session was from Hiromichi Ohta from Hokkadio University, Japan about the growth of single crystalline layered oxide for efficient thermoelectric devices. There are going to be several tremendous talks from worldwide researchers on how these 2D materials show extraordinary properties including exciton plasmon coupling, photoluminescence, hydrogen evolution reaction and water splitting.

Have a nice day and stay Warm.


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