Symposium SB09.03/SB06.11.03: Interfacing Bio/Nano Materials with Cancer and the Immune System
New MRS Energy & Sustainability Editor Y. Shirley Meng

Symposium EN03: Green Electrochemical Energy Storage Solutions—Materials, Processes and Devices

Chuan Xia, Rice University

Direct Electrosynthesis of Pure Aqueous H2O2 Solutions Up to 20% by Weight Using a Solid Electrolyte

Written by Tianyu Liu

Have you used hydrogen peroxide for disinfection and cleaning at home? Where did you get the chemical? From a pharmacy? A technology developed by Chuan Xia and co-workers from Rice University might allow you to make high-purity hydrogen peroxide on-site and on-demand. No more complaining about the traffic jam on your way to pharmacy shops! Xia and co-workers designed an electrochemical cell allowing H2 and O2 gases to react peacefully and produce hydrogen peroxide. O2 stream flowed into the catalyst-loaded cathode of the cell and was reduced to HO2-. H2 gas entered the anode of the cell and was oxidized to H+. These electrochemically generated HO2- and H+ ions met each other in a porous, solid-state electrolyte and yielded H2O2. Xia said that their cell exhibited over 90% selectivity of H2O2, and could convert ~25 vol.% of H2 gas.


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