Kelsey Hatzell, 2019 MRS Nelson "Buck" Robinson Science & Technology Award for Renewable Energy
Plenary Session Featuring the Fred Kavli Distinguished Lectureship in Materials Science

Inspiring presentation and talk with Bin Yao

I would like to introduce a young motivated researcher from the University of Santa Cruz to you. Bin Yao had a talk in the EN03 Session about Green Electrochemical Energy Storage Solutions. His interesting work is about 3D printing of Biomass for the use in Supercapacitors at Ultralow Temperatures. For that he uses Nanocellulose ink and is able to print hierarchical Carbon Aerogels with pore sizes varying between µm and nm. In his presentation he also showed an improvement of the Electrochemical Performance compared to conventional Carbon Aerogels at low temperatures.

If you would like to hear more about 3D printing and get an impression about his fantastic research you have the chance tomorrow.

He will give his second talk about “Efficient 3D Printed Pseudocapacitive Electrodes with Ultrahigh MnO2 Loading” in the EN15.07 Session on 4th December at 11am (Sheraton, 3rd floor, Commonwealth).




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