Mid-Career Researcher Award
ES04: Solid-State Electrochemical Energy Storage

Symposium QN01/QN02/QN03: Keynote: Joint Session: Materials Science with Two-Dimensional Atomic Layers

Pulickel Ajayan, Rice University

Materials Science with Two-Dimensional Atomic Layers

Written by Chiung-Wei Huang

Graphene and associated two-dimensional materials are the new types of building blocks of electronics. The layered compounds with their unique properties have fascinated scientists for many years. In the keynote session, Pulickel Ajayan systematically reviewed the synthesis, characterization, doping, and manipulation of the 2D materials realm. He started the presentation with exfoliation methods in producing thin-layered 2D materials such as tellurene and magnetene. Ajayan followed with functionalization approaches, such as Cu atoms intercalation and liquid phase assisted quantum dots production. One of the newest materials reported earlier this month involved a high elasticity graphene foam that persists to deeply low temperature.

The second part of the session dived into manipulating the interfacial structures to give the best control of growing these materials. Ajayan overviewed the electronics engineering on multicomponent alloys of 2D materials methods and the associated challenges. He closed his talk by pointing out the urgent understanding into the phase stabilities, segregation, and mechanical properties of these novel materials.


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