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Symposium EP06: Organic Electronics—Materials and Devices

Symposium CP06: Smart Materials for Multifunctional Devices and Interfaces

Jiheong Kang, Stanford University

Tough and Water-Insensitive Self-Healing Elastomer for Soft Electronics

Written by Gargi Joshi

The hottest field recently has been preparation and testing of wearable electronic devices which can provide real-time monitoring or regulation of health conditions. Similar to human skin, electronic skin is being pursued with its biomimicking the mechanical and sensing properties of toughness, selective permeation, stretching, and even self-healing. Polymeric LC elastomers stand as an excellent candidate provided they can impart high damage resistance. Jiheong Kang reports his polymer film cross-linked by multiple hydrogen bonds of varying strength as a possible solution. This combination of hydrogen bonds works well as the strong bonds make the material robust whereas the weak cross-links help in energy dissipation. The material has been 3D molded and hybridized with conductive fillers thus introducing an e-skin.


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