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Symposium ET03: Application of Nanoscale Phenomena and Materials to Practical Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion

The Last Day in 2018 MRS Fall Meeting - Still Lots of 2D Talks

Today is the last day in 2018 MRS Fall meeting, the meeting, as usual, was a very productive one for materials scientists. Many great talks on different topics, particularly, nanomaterials and 2D materials. As I tried to cover during the week, 2D materials are in many extents changing the way we can interact with devices and materials designs for a variety of applications. This meeting had dedicated symposiums to 2D materials that were covering many different fundamental concepts and applications of these materials. And this is continuing today, despite being the last day of this year's MRS meeting. Stop by Hynes room 210 and listen to the remaining interesting talks in symposium EP03.


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