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Hello, MRS  attendants, how is your day going?, let me tell you mine is going good so far, very productive my morning session, I hope yours as well. 

I want to dedicate this post to brief information about how to publish at the MRS.

Yesterday I attended the conference titled: "Essentials of getting your work published", well here are the highlights:

First at all, they mentioned we need to understand the TYPE of the paper that we have, there are 3 main categories, such as: 1st) Letters, 2nd) New, original article and 3rd) Review paper. 

They also explained each of them, so, a letter will be mainly a novel result and impactful learning but with a technical description of an average of 6000 word (3-6 printed pages), maximum 30 references, most prospectives letters are by invitation but you can also complete a proposal and send your information to mrs@mrs.org.  A new original article  full-length describing original research. It should not exceed 10 pages in length. Reviews summarize studies on a specific subject by introducing the author’s own opinions concerning recent progress and future prospects to give a balanced assessment. It should be normally no longer than 12 pages. Submission of review articles could be done by invitation or voluntary proposal.

Also the panelists gave really important information according to me, they just answered the question where should I publish?

Well, the MRS has several "spaces" for your type of work. The options are: MRS advances, MRS Communications , Journal of Materials Research, MRS Energy & Sustainability and MRS Bulletin

Finally, I invite you to click on the links of each option if you want to have more information, and also to attend the MRS-Cambridge Publications Booth 100 in the exhibit hall in the Phoenix Convention Center, North Building, 300 level, Exhibition Hall C, during exhibit hours. 

-Araceli- MRS publications


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