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Paying Tribute to Mildred Dresselhaus at the 2017 MRS Fall Meeting

MRS Medal Joanna Aizenberg talks about slippery coatings

Dr. Joanna Aizenberg from Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science was awarded today with the MRS Medal, together with Dr. Younan Xia from Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Aizenberg's talk was pretty interesting, with plenty of visuals showing the exceptional performance of her slippery and anti-fouling coatings. These materials could be relevant for a multitude of applications, such as endoscopy windows that don't get dirty with blood for shorter medical procedures, or avoiding the formation of algae and other waterborne organisms that can damage boat hulls. See below for a video on the work from Dr. Aizenberg and her colleagues at the Wyss Institute explaining the development of blood repellent coatings:

Dr. Aizenberg works in many other different projects, but they are all inspired by nature!


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