Making the most out of MRS Meetings
Hola from Irene

Yohoo from Andy!

Hi everyone,

I am Andy, a postdoc fellow in Stanford University. My research area is in material-neural interface and I have created several neuro-modulatory technologies during my PhD.

I will be attending MRS Fall Meeting 2017 and there are a few reasons why I am particularly excited about it:

1) This is my first time in Boston! During my visit, I plan to meet my friends studying in the city and try the famous lobster rolls (any recommendation is greatly appreciated).

2) I will be giving an oral presentation on magnetic hydrogels. Come and support me on 30th November, 3pm at Sheraton, 2nd Floor, Republic A if you free.

3) I am also very honored to be the recipient of the inaugural MRS Bulletin Postdoc Publication Prize. Feel free to ask me what this prize is about and how to prepare for this application if you are interested to learn more!

4) Lastly, I am glad to be given an opportunity to be a MRS blogger. I hope that my blogs will provide you insightful information about the meeting. I also hope that my articles will serve as a platform for me to converse with you on things such as the importance of evidence-based science communications.

Hope to see you at MRS =)




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