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Social Media in Science Communication

What got me interested in science communications

I thought that in this post, I will share more about my experience in science communications. My initial motivation was trying to explain to my parents what I was doing in labs. Can you imagine after putting in so much hard work, your parents didn’t know what you are doing and the significance of your work? This incident was a huge blow to my fragile ego!

Thus when my parents visited me in Los Angeles, I brought them to see my lab, the (scary) cancer cells my colleagues were culturing and posters explaining the nature of my work. I think they truly enjoyed it!

Their visit made me realize that perhaps science communications is not that challenging if we as scientists try harder, just like how we persevere when our experiments fail. I also realized that, writing is not the only way we can communicate science.

For my parents who received little formal education, pictures and videos were the best. This motivated me to participate in image contests and one of my electron microscopy images even won an award for a science exhibition.

Recently, I also received a fellowship from the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney where I will try to apply concepts in sensory neuroscience such as saturation and adaptation to look at how stimuli affect visitors’ experiences.

Let me know if you have an interest in science communications. I will be happy to have a chat with you!


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