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Reflections of Day 2

Science Communication Panel Discussion

I had the honour to share the stage with proactive people in Science today morning. It was a Science Communication panel discussion organized by MRS. I was one of the invited speakers.

We emphasized on having an online presence, grow your social media influence, create boundaries for personal vs. professional online presence. It was established that all the scientists, irrespective of their current career level, should interact with the broader research community to create an impact and stand out from the sea of publications and articles getting published.

SURPRISING FACT --> People are addicted to social media, One of the speakers, Matthew, shared that people would prefer the social media access to the increased salary. 

These are the basic rules to follow:

1) Create a post with an easy title (non-technical)

2) Be visual with your social media post

3) Video content is shared and viewed more than the images and text content

4) Keep the boundaries straight for professional networking and personal networking

5) Create Memes, interact influential people in your field.

6) Follow science journals on twitter 

7) Get your own social media policy and get it in line with your company

Here are some images from the session:




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