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Overcoming jet lag

After a 24-hour flight with 2 transits, I have finally arrived in Boston!

Now, I have to deal with the dreadful feeling of jet lag. I slept at 11 am last night but woke up a few times. Eventually, I got up at 5am and decided to stop lying to myself that I can still sleep. Jet lag is one of the most annoying feelings ever. You know that you have to sleep but your body or mind is just too stubborn to obey the rational thoughts.

Here are some tips we can try tonight to overcome jet lag:

1) Make yourself really tired It may sound silly but it works for me sometimes.

There are 3 events tonight that you might be interested to participate. MRS Publications, Science and APL are organizing sessions to inform conference participants about publishing in their journals.

Warning: I am not sure whether attending them might make you feel even more excited about research and your work!

MRS: 5-6.30 pm, Sheraton Boston Hotel Republic B, 2nd Floor

APL: 5.30-7.30 pm, EATALY Boston

AAAS: 7-9 pm, Sheraton Boston Hotel Republic A, 2nd Floor

2) Exercise

This is what I will do tonight to give myself a routine. Exercises can induce the body to produce natural melatonin, commonly known as the sleep hormone, that aids sleep.

Let me know if these tips work for you!


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