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MRS Publications receptions

It was great attending the MRS Publication reception. Attendees were greeted with an amazing selection of beverages including water which I had (HAHA!). There was also delicious finger food like gyoza and fried chicken.

After giving the attendees about 30 mins to mingle, various editors from MRS gave short speeches about their journals and what they wish to do in the future for the materials community. I finally met with Gopal, the editor of MRS Bulletin who kindly introduced me to the attendees as the recipient of the inaugural MRS Postdoc Publication Prize.


[MRS Communications new Editor-in-Chief Rigoberto Advincula addressing the attendees.]

During the reception, I also got a chance to meet with the other MRS bloggers in person and Judy, our ‘boss’. Judy informed us of a new initiative to engage more students in science communications which I hope to play a role in launching. A value that resonates a lot with me is the idea of service and giving back to the community. I strongly encourage you to explore different ways to contribute to scientific developments in your own domains and nations.

Finally, I realize receptions are an excellent way to network, especially if one is interested in editorial positions. For instance, we were introduced to a recruitment officer from Granta who is currently hiring material scientists who are well-versed in education and communications.

 It’s not too late to check out the other special events and receptions!


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