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Poster Session - Wednesday Night

3 Approaches which would change the solution processing of perovskite

Prof. David Mitzi has decades of experience in research in photovoltaic materials. He gave a talk this morning ES01 session about difference processing strategies of hybrid perovskite.

He and his group have developed three approaches namely additive engineering, melt process and RIR-MAPLE process. Their approach to understanding and solving issues in perovskite material is remarkable. Their pedagogical way of working on current problems in perovskite is highly creative.

In additive engineering approach, he showed that adding Pb(SCN)2 and MA(SCN) in different perovskite solutions could result in perovskite films with large grains which improves the solar cell performance and stability. With further experiments, they pin down the (SCN-) ion in solution responsible for thin films with large grain size.

He also talked about the melt approach in which he showed the relation of melting temperature and different organic cation incorporation in the perovskite structure. The melting and solidifying approach results in improved performance of solar cells. The process works for both tin and lead-based compounds.

Resonant infrared matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation (RIR-MAPLE) RIR-MAPLE approach is quite a unique one in the field of hybrid perovskite. You can read more about it here. He mentions the need for a solvent which could dissolve lead iodide and should have OH bonds. Their group comes with a mixture of solutions such as DMSO + Glycerin and DMSO + Ethylene glycol. He showed that this approach of depositing perovskite layer is versatile and gentle. The paper is not out yet, and I am waiting eagerly to read about it in great detail.

David Mitzi and Rahim Munir

Personally, Dr. Mitzi has been a hero for me in science. I have been following his work for last 7 years. He is a humble fellow. During the morning coffee break, I waited almost half an hour to speak to him because of a big line of scientists wanted to discuss their research with him. 


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