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My perspective of a small world at the MRS

As a Phd candidate I am focus on solar cells, I have been looking for topics related with my research at the MRS. I love the MRS not only because I can learn about other topics besides my research, or to know/have more information on my field, I do also love MRS meeting because you have the opportunity to meet professors/students you always wanted to talk. Don't you love how small it's the world in science?

Do you have any related experience like this? Do not forget what Alaina said on the previous workshops, improve your social-science life, give yourself a proper introduction with other groups you will love to work, always ask for a  10 minutes interview (if possible), bring your ID-cards, this is mainly what I captured from her. 

Well, I want to introduce one of the professor I admire and his group, his name is Iván Morá-Seró. 1974, M. Sc. Physics 1997, Ph. D. Physics 2004). He is researcher at Universitat Jaume I de Casteló (Spain).  He has published more than 50 peer-reviewed journal articles.  More info at: http://www.elp.uji.es/people.php, and now I am having the opportunity to meet for the second time.

Today he's giving a talk of 30 minutes (13:30-14:00) at the ES1.11.01: "Interaction between Halide Perovskite and Other Materials-A change to Tailor the Properties and to Boost Performance" 

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PPC North, 200 level, Room 224-B





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