The Story of Aerogels -An Interview with Dr. Marcus Worsley
Women in Materials Science & Engineering Breakfast

Making Diamond in Supercritical Neon

Converting inexpensive coal to valuable diamond is a process perhaps most people want to pursue. Now, this process has at least been realized without considering the manufacturing cost.

The first invited talk today in the session NM3 by Dr. Marcus Worsley, a staff scientist in Lawerence Livermore National Lab in California, US, presented a method on how to convert a tiny piece of carbon aerogel to diamond aerogel. His group and collaborators first placed a small piece of amorphous carbon aerogel in a reaction tank. The aerogel was then immersed in supercritical neon fluid and subjected to ultrahigh pressure exerted by two pieces of diamond crystal. In the meantime, the reaction system was heated to a high temperature to induce the transformation to diamond. But at this moment, the fabricating cost is relatively high and the yield is limited.

Check out the story:

-Tianyu Liu UCSC



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