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I captured too much enthusiasm

Yesterday, I met four enthusiastic students, they were at the poster presentation, and I wanted to know their opinion about last night, it was so hard not to see them and realize how happy and excited they were.

So, I asked them their opinion about the poster presentation, what did they learn, what was their favorite poster, and how many times have been here?. This is what they said:


Scott Louie: “I got a better understanding and better knowledge of what’s out there, it’s really expanded my horizons. I think, here you will learn things you were not very exposed to overall. This is my first time, better than ever, right?”.

James Luong: “The best part you can have the time to meet people all around the world”.

Edgar Palmes: “I am very proud of my school from UC-Riverside, how much we have done today".

Brandon Tam: “It is very nice to meet people from different backgrounds, I have learnt too much tonight”.






Hey! It's James! (: Hiiiiii

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