ED6: Nanostructured Quantum-Confined Materials for Advanced Optoelectronics
ED6: Nanostructured Quantum-Confined Materials for Advanced Optoelectronics

ES1: Perovskite Solar Cells—Towards Commercialization

Maria Antonietta Loi, University of Groningen

Controlling Surface Trap Density in Hybrid Perovskite Single Crystals and Thin Films

Written by Ahmad R. Kirmani

Hybrid perovskites have been pursued vibrantly over the past few years for wide-ranging applications in optoelectronics. This interest is owed to their near-ideal electronic properties such as fast charge carrier transport and low carrier traps. An important parameter to characterize and quantify traps at semiconductor interfaces is the surface recombination velocity (SRV). Utilizing sophisticated optical spectroscopy tools, Maria Loi’s group at the University of Groningen has recently reported remarkably low SRVs in hybrid perovskite single crystals. Importantly, the group studied the response of the crystal surface under various environmental conditions, such as oxygen, moisture, and other gases. A combination of oxygen and moisture was found to passivate surface traps leading to fluorescence recovery. These findings demonstrate the potential application of perovskites as gas sensors, adding further fuel to the ongoing research in this area.


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