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Scanning the Meeting - Wednesday

Say NO to sample preparation and say Hi to XRM

In my 2 years of Ph.D. journey, I have been stuck in 'one thing' from past 8 months. And today, the issue got resolved in less than 8 minutes! All thanks to the Zeiss Microscopy booth at MRS 2016. 

I shared the problem I am facing at the Zeiss Booth : 

Since, I am working on clay ceramic samples (you can imagine them as square bricks) for water filtration it's challenging to cut the sample for sample preparation as the cutter either distorts the pores or fills up the pores. So, micro-CT is an issue due to sample size restriction. Also, it's impossible to scan down the depth of the sample using electron microscopy. 

 They showed me the solution - Go with 3D X-ray Microscopy came the instant reply as the instrument is non-destructive and supports large samples to produce high contrast 3D stack of the sample up-to sub-micron resolution. 


I felt so grateful to be a part of MRS conference, it really provides a huge platform to resolve your research problems. 




Judy Meiksin

I'm enjoying your blog posts and especially appreciate the images you include.

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