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EM11.6 : Life time Killer and Life time Control

The opening thirty minute talk by Tsunenobu Kimoto from Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan in the Symposium SiC Power Electronics covered points which involved applications, life time control techniques and breakdown analysis of SiC power devices.

The remarkable energy saving ability of SiC power device finds application in air conditioner/ PV converters, trains and four wheeler etc, however, the life time of a power device basically regulates its life performance. And carbon vacancy acts as a life time killer

The question which arises is - How to eliminate Carbon Vacancy ? 

Solutions : 

1.) Carbon implantation + Ar Annealing. 

 2.) Thermal Oxidation (+Ar Annealing)

So, eliminating carbon vacancies will enhance the life time of device. 

The second question which follows is how to have lift time control ? 

Dr. Kimoto pointed out two important solutions to the follow up question which are -

1.) By C - vacancy elimination 

2.) By intentional generation of C- vacancy. 



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