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Student Mixer and Cycle for Science

Good evening MRS!  Tonight was the student mixer, our night  for some food, wine, and conversation.  As always, the mixer was a great opportunity to meet lots of folks from all over the world, each with a story to tell.  However, tonight I want to put the spotlight on "Cycle for Science", a journey taken by Rachel and Elizabeth in which they cycled across the country spreading science along the way through demonstrations to students; they had a table at the mixer (photo below) and were showing off some of their great demonstrations.  I have heard of some organizations doing similar epic trips for various causes, but this was the first time I had seen such a unique grassroots ride dedicated specifically to science.  I truly believe that efforts like this are what leave lasting positive impacts on the students they reach; in addition, they give us a brilliant reminder of the need to serve our communities, in whatever capacity we can.  Keep it up!

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You can find out more about their journey at:


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