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Congratulations go to Babak Anasori and Shinbuhm Lee for MRS Post-doc Awards!

The MRS Postdoctoral Awards recognize postdoctoral scholars who are showing exceptional promise that may include, for example, excellence in scientific research, leadership, advocacy, outreach, or teaching, during their postdoc assignment.

MRS acknowledges the Jiang Family Foundation and MTI Corporation for their generous contribution to support this award.

The 2016 MRS Spring Meeting recipients are:

Babak Anasori, Drexel University

"For innovative research on 2D materials, creative and artistic ways of presenting science, dedication to and love of teaching, and student mentoring."  

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Shinbuhm Lee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

"For the innovative development of multifunctional ionic devices via vertically aligned heterostructures, and outstanding contributions for theoretical and experimental understanding of them."  


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